Am I an optimist? Yes, and that’s why am in search of things that is probably not right so that I can do something about it. If nothing at all, then maybe I can write about it. A yet to be successful producer, a yet to be recognized actor, an unpublished poet, soon to be an entrepreneur (hopefully), a blogger and a software person – are all probably what I am today.

Films are my first love – have produced feature films –  ‘Capital I‘, ‘Khyanikaa-The Lost Idea‘ and ‘Runanubandha’. The later two are the ones in which I have played significant roles as well. The films, so far, have done well internationally considering the niche content and frugal budget. Besides, I have also acted & produced few short films – ‘Niloye Jokhon‘ and ‘Hoyto Kobitar Jonyo‘ being the significant ones. Many of them are available in YouTube.

All of them unanimously are plot less, timeless and non-descriptive – just like dreams are.

MindScape are my collective expression of what I see as a parallel society to what I am learning from films and books and how this parallel society in which we believe to be so realistically rooted is gradually becoming as virtual as this medium of blogging is.

CinemaScope are actually my thoughts or essays (would not like to use the words review here) on films and cinema that I have loved or been moved by, each time discovering a wider gamut of philosophy, life and perspective.

BookShelf are my understanding from the books that compose my world, of which I am very fond of. They are like those companions that can take you around without the need to travel, can make you feel silence surround you within a crowded train, can show you a visual imagery through black letters on a white page.

I write poetry on my Facebook Wall and want others to scratch it and discover a different pair of lens.


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