Commendable Absurdist Independent Cinema from Orissa

Fantastic thoughts on Khyanikaa – The Lost Idea, the second independent film from Odisha. This article almost feels like a handwritten note on one’s viewing experience.

Lonely Canopy

Khyanikaa is all about moments, like snippets from a dream. It is set in coastal Orissa.

Khyanikaa_poster_69x99cms_FFThe characters: Two men, a poet and an idler, in quest of the ever illusive idea. While fate acts judge and jury over their claims.  Glimpses of a skeptical society. Newspaper stories come alive and question the reader, quite literally. Boats become alternate realities and the postman a dream navigator.

The setting: There are several scenes framed through a doorway or broken window … maybe to question ownership and reality itself. A man whiles his time away reading newspapers, immune to the rants of his irate wife. A poet consoles himself with alcohol and imminent international fame. A world leader addresses an impoverished and under-developed world, hints of comments on the divide between the have and have-nots. A mad man goes about his routine of dragging a teacher on a wheelchair, asking…

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