Goodbyes and Memories

Deaths are such humbling moments, more so when it suddenly happens to someone you knew among friends or family members. One of the basic thought that come to the still-undecided-but-contemplative mind is – to look back as far as you know about the person, the living being who just bid farewell to life – and then try to assess yourself the balance sheet of their life (life which is one big lie); evaluate the futility of some of their actions or the profoundness of many of their decisions; may be make a sophisticated attempt to place their significance (or for the matter of fact their entire existence) in the context of our lives.

No matter what; the bitter truth about life is the only realization one can draw from it – “DEATH” – the subsequent demise of visible properties that made the body once a living being; now well found as an image in a series of memories or symbolic references to objects left behind. An extension to this fact/reality is: the way we take someone’s existence in our lives as granted, similarly the absence of someone would also be overcome. As my old aunt with a meaningful head used to say – “out of sight, out of mind”.

At times these thoughts, memories and deep suppressed  emotions will make their way and surge over one’s mind and heart like a hurricane – which, of course, will be at the event of another death and more so when it happens among friends or family. And the name or identity or the magnitude of the overwhelming hurricane will be equivalent to how you would discern the demise of the person – “who” silently said goodbye, “why” they set off and “how” they left us.


8 thoughts on “Goodbyes and Memories

    • May be the reason is when Goodbyes happen (read ‘Death’) we also exactly feel so .. we wish if the Life could have extended for few more minutes, if we could have had few seconds more to talk… we are just left wanting for more. Not sure if thats why my pen too stopped.. a bit abruptly.


      • Hello Swastik & others,
        I enjoyed going thru all the comments which are nicely written.
        Here is my take. DEATH is the only definite & certain occurrence. Having accepted that, next we need to pour all our energy & focus on how to live. Being born to this world is no credit to us. How we live is totally on us. We need to do the best we can to leave this world a little better than how we found it. The only way to do that is following Spiritual principles ( not religious, which is full of unnecessary rituals totally based on blind beliefs as per mythical/ fairy tales & no scientific or factual documentation ).
        The Spiritual life is a program of action ( putting everything to work on a daily basis ) & not just blind belief/faith. The principles include – unselfishness, honesty( with yourself), love, tolerance, humility & service to others. The program also includes sincere efforts to minimize our negative aspects – ego, pride, arrogance, jealousy, anger, resentment & revenge. We need to take personal inventory everyday to make sure we are doing it honestly & consistently. After following these steps to the word, & thus living well, we are ready to welcome DEATH without any regret. Actually, Death should be a celebration of Life with sweet & nice memories about the deceased and not with only tears & sadness. Close this chapter with love & respect, then move on with living Life as it is meant to be.
        Please keep the communication lines open for comments & discussion.
        Sorry it got somewhat long.
        Sending all of you wishes, love & blessings for Serenity, Peace & Happiness.
        Sachi Mahapatra.

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  1. Dear Sabyasachi – Glad to read your thoughts. Well no doubt the pursue of Spiritualism leads to a more holistic approach of ultimately what all religions in the world theoretically try to achieve. For me life and death are coordinates of an events during the journey – which philosophically (or as surrealism says) can be just imaginary function points. The existence of an individual continues to remain in one form or the other – in someone else’s mind or heart – through the action, the legacy, the work or the influence the individual leaves behind.


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